Our family adventures photography in the beautiful Whidbey Island. Documenting the everyday with my three crazy children.

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Family Adventure Sessions | New Year’s Eve 2017

Today was frigid, but beautiful! The plan was to drive some RC trucks, have a little hike, and finish off with a fireView full post »

Christmas Photos Junebug Photography

Pacific Winds Farm | Christmas Photos Junebug Photography

Last year we ventured off Island to do some Christmas Photos at a tree farm. I was sad that Pacific Winds didn’tView full post »

washington snow photos

First Snow | Washington Snow Photos

We had our first snow of the season here in Whidbey Island. I know some people were excited and some not so much. MyView full post »

documentary backyard family photos

PCS Season | Junebug Photography WA

You know what every single military family knows well? Moving! After the first Permanent Change of Station (PCS), mostView full post »

Mount Vernon Photographer

Mount Vernon Farmer’s Market | Junebug Photography

It’s now October and I sad to say that there’s only a few Mount Vernon Farmer’s Markets left thisView full post »

bubble party

Family Forest Fest | Documentary Photography Whidbey Island

This weekend we had the pleasure of participating in Whidbey Island Family Forest Fest. It’s basically a largeView full post »

PNW summer children

Double Bluff Beach Clamming | Junebug Photography

Our first time clamming at Double Bluff Beach was a total success. Of course my children couldn’t help themselvesView full post »

Camping at Bowman Bay | Whidbey Island Photographer

As many things lately, this camping trip was a very last minute decision. Once summer arrives in the Pacific Northwest,View full post »

whidbey island photographer

Whidbey Island Photographer | Strawberry Daze

Being a photographer in Oak Harbor, there’s never a shortage of events to attend and photograph. We set out thisView full post »

fort casey oak harbor photographer

Oak Harbor Photographer | Girl time at Fort Casey

I have three children. My daughter is my oldest, and she just turned 7 in June (my little Junebug). We try to doView full post »

oak harbor photographer

Milana’s Dance Recital | Oak Harbor Photographer

My beautiful daughter had her first recital this weekend! I honestly didn’t expect much for some reason, and IView full post »

whidbey island photographer

Chilling with Chickens | Whidbey Island Photographer

Chilling with Chickens | Whidbey Island Photographer I think our chickens are now teenagers (they are actually 6 weeksView full post »

oak harbor photographer

Backyard Fire | Oak Harbor Family Photographer

We bought a house less than a year ago. It is our first house. It’s not our dream house, there are a few thingsView full post »

whidbey island photographer

Spring has arrived | Whidbey Island Photographer

Spring Family Session Whidbey Island Photographer We moved to Whidbey Island in May last year. I was very sad that weView full post »

oak harbor photographer

Oak Harbor Photographer | Stormy Skies and Sea of Yellow

I never realized how much I missed spring. Living in Hawaii is amazing, but there are no season per se. Living here inView full post »

whidbey island photographer

Stolen Moments | Whidbey Island Photographer

It’s getting harder and harder to find alone time with each of the three kids! I work too much, and they allView full post »

whidbey island rocks

Whidbey Rock Hunting | Junebug Photography

This whole week we have been getting outside quite a bit! The days are slowly getting longer, which means there’sView full post »

whidbey island family photographer

Cold and Sunny Windjammer | Junebug Photography

We went out for a run with our three turds today. My kids are now 6, 3 and 2, which means we have to take 2 strollersView full post »

Heart Lake Skating | Documentary Photos Oak Harbor

We were a bit scared to get on the ice, but after seeing a local Man skate with his boys, we were all in. Everyone hadView full post »

junebug port townsend

Port Townsend and Olympic Game Farm | Junebug Photography

The Pacific Northwest Summers are so short! I feel like it just started a few weeks ago and this weekend it alreadyView full post »

fourth of july oak harbor

Fourth of July | Oak Harbor Photographer

Let me first start this post with saying Happy Fourth of July everyone. I am so proud to live in this country and enjoyView full post »

Exploring Whidbey | Junebug Photography Oak Harbor

Slowly, we are getting out to enjoy the “summer” in oak harbor and check out the scenery. It is beyond aView full post »

181 of 366 | Oak Harbor

Guess who’s back? Well I never left actually, I took tons of photos everyday, I just couldn’t get toView full post »

Moving| Junebug Photography

The last few weeks have been tough on the whole family. Between trying to pack, clean and work nobody has had much timeView full post »

navy reenlistment, go navy, junebug photography

91 of 366 “Reenlistment” |Junebug Photography

I have had the pleasure of being reenlisted twice, and the pleasure of being a reenlisting Officer for over 10 SailorsView full post »

newborn photography oak harbor washington

73 of 366 “Free Spirit” | Capturing Childhood Junebug Photography

One of the local playgrounds, which we just recently checked out, has this fake “rock” for children toView full post »

kawela bay, north shore oahu, family beach afternoon

68 of 366 “Family Beach Afternoon” | June Bug Photography

Sometimes I sneak away to the beach after work. I should really do it more, especially since my days here are numbered.View full post »

junebug photography family 366

66 of 366 “Chasing trucks” | Junebug Photography

I came out of my editing hole to see the sun for it’s last 20 minutes before it went down. It’s the bestView full post »

47 of 366 “Homework”

Was a busy busy day for me today. Barely got my hands on the camera, just in time to get a couple photos of my BunzView full post »

46 of 366 “Hiking”

My five-year old is awesome. Strong, fearless…stubborn too. We went for a little family hike today to the WaimanoView full post »

45 of 366 “Tree House”

Since we got back, I have been trying to spend some quality time with the kiddos before getting super busy as always. IView full post »

44 of 366 “Walking”

Yes we are back from that magical country called New Zealand. Before we left, my baby boy was so close to walking. EvenView full post »

32 of 366 “I am a nervous wreck!”

We are about to leave. I am a nervous wreck. The kids will be alright without me…right?? Ok I am excited too. SeeView full post »

31 of 366 “I made it!”

All right guys, I can’t believe I actually made a whole month! I did it, I only have to do that 11 more times;)View full post »

30 of 366 “Mima is here”

It’s always a joyous time when Mima and Papa come to town! Even the baby loves Mima right from the start. I am inView full post »

29 of 366 “Birthday feels”

Today is my husband’s birthday. You know…that awesome stay-at-home dad with short shorts and long hair whoView full post »

28 of 366 “Hacopters”

My son is obsessed with airplanes, helicopters and anything that flies I think. Almost any toy he picks up he makes flyView full post »

27 of 366 “Sink bath”

It’s going to be a sad day when my babies won’t fit in the sink for a bath! Of course this is sink sizeView full post »

26 of 366 “Stars”

I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Maks loves to go see bees in the morning  after he wakes up, andView full post »

25 of 366 “Part of the team”

Baby just wanted to go outside and be part of the cool kids. Since it’s not quite safe out there, he settled forView full post »

24 of 366 “Greenish”

I mentioned before that all three of my littles have different colored eyes. Well Maks is the one who looks like he hasView full post »

23 of 366 ” My girl”

Did you know that I am an only child?  There’s no doubt some things that come with not having siblings (not theView full post »

22 of 366 “My three”

I often say, I have no idea how I ended up with three kids, not one or two, but three!? I don’t think anyone whoView full post »

21 of 366 “Last of the bunch”

My baby is almost 15 months and he was closer to walking about a month ago than he is now. All of my children were lateView full post »

20 of 366 “No glam”

I am not in the best mood today. Just one of those days and the weather sucked. This afternoon I just sat around on theView full post »

19 of 366 “Friends and first kisses”

Today was the day that leaving this island became more real. I have called this place home for many many years. We haveView full post »

18 of 366 “Light”

Here’s to the light <3 In the morning time Maks loves to go look for bees in the bushes by the house. At nightView full post »

17 of 366 “Hamburgers in the clouds”

Yes you read that right, “hamburgers in the clouds”. We went out for a tiny stroll this afternoon to theView full post »

16 of 366 “Secrets”

Going out with three kids is always a bit stressful. The two older ones love to get on each other’s nerves in theView full post »

15 of 366 “My sweet boy”

As most of you probably figured out, I have three little ones. Oldest is a girl, two youngest are boys. When I thoughtView full post »

14 of 366

My child is 2.5 and still not potty trained. He loves to pretend though and the other day scared the bejeezus out of meView full post »

13 of 366

My daughter doesn’t nap…ever. Well sometimes she passes out in the car if we are taking a long drive to theView full post »

12 of 366 “Stolen Moments”

Stolen moments alone with one of the children are the rarest. Especially the boys. This was just a few minutes whileView full post »

11 of 366 “Tiki tiki dada”

To answer your question…yes that’s the Christmas tree in the background. It will get put away one nightView full post »

10 of 366 “Bathtime”

To be honest, I don’t participate in bath time as much as I should. Bath time somehow became a dadView full post »

9 of 366 “Fairies ARE real!”

And sometimes magic just happens, usually when you are not looking for it <3 Milana believes in fairies, she stillView full post »

7 of 366 “Look Ma, no hands”

Since most of the time I don’t get home till afternoon or way late in the evening, I don’t get a whole lotView full post »

6 of 366

Pinch pinch! Serious fun catching crabs and creating little “fish worlds” in the beach buckets. Need to doView full post »

5 of 366

Sometimes, the middle one gets to be the baby. Well actually, more often than not. Also a rare photo of me with one theView full post »

4 of 366

Ah, I can’t even describe this photo in words. It was actually taken yesterday, but hey, this is my project so IView full post »

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